My total focus has been writing my epic Sonny Preyer ,  but I managed take on smaller projects along the way. These are links to other stories and bits of non-fiction that I've written. My writing ranges from general to mature (16+) and slash-friendly. The potential for controversy and uncomfortableness is always present, so make intelligent choices based on your tastes. I write to express energy and ideas that want out, not to offend. I target the tension between characters rather than happy endings. For me, the story is in the complication. I use struggle as a tool to expose a character's soul. Summaries can be found at each link. I don't warn for every little thing. It's all basically slash, M/M.
Original Works
Fan Fiction  ( Ca_tharsis)
Sonny Preyer, Vol 1-3  
(fiction) Strong R
Rape Fiction Vs. Rape Reality (non-fiction) Strong R
You Are A Millionaire, You Just Don't Know It
(non-fiction)  no rating
Big Deal (RPS - Asa Butterfield) Light R rating
Ender's Home (Ender's Game)  Strong R rating
Looking For Casey (The Faculty)  G rating
A Father's Love (LOTR)  Strong R rating, long fic
His Return (LOTR)  PG rating
Waiting For You (LOTR) G rating
(fiction) Strong R