Sonny Preyer - A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind
       2002-present Bridgette Hayden, Graphic Art 2007 Summer


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I love the story and Sonny's character has to be one of my favorite characters ever. So if it's not too much trouble, could you add me to the list? :)
Thank you so much!

Though I started reading only recently, I absolutely love your story! I'm glued to the screen for hours every time you update. So please allow me to continue reading! I am over eighteen and mature enough to appreciate the beautiful things that go on in your story.  I think you are an amazing writer who really knows how to draw her readers in. Every time you describe Sonny biting into a tomato, I can feel the juiciness as if I was the one eating it, and that is because of your talent for words.

P.S. Thank you so much for filing my mornings, afternoons, and my thoughts with Sonny. He is one of the few things that is able to cheer me up after a long, frustrating day.

I actually stayed up until three in the morning the night you posted chapter six, and then was too busy moving back into school to sit down and say what I've been meaning to.

The bottom line is, I'm absolutely amazed and in love with this story. First of all, your characters are incredibly diverse and engaging. It makes it easy to not only identify with each of them in different ways, but it also makes the story in its entirety a joy to read, because I never want to skip over what someone has to say, or not examine what their motives are.

Your plotline itself is so well thought out, and just so goddamned appealing, it amazes me that stories like these come out of a single person's brain. I think Raeder is a total badd-ass, and a noble one at that which is rare to come by, so I eagerly await the unfolding of his recovery. I love the fact that Elden is arrogant and out of line when nobody else will be. Brecca absolutely warms my heart and I find the entire concept of the Yoray to be brilliant. And finally, I adore your protagonist Sonny because he frustrates me, he worries me, and he also draws my empathy. I feel a lot for your characters, and I think that says a lot about you as a writer.

Your imagery is absolutely stunning, the dialogue is wonderful, and the plotline keeps me guessing. Everything is so emotionally charged, I'm almost nervous about any sort of romantic developments! ;)


Hey, would like to get updates, since I'm manically checking back every day for them... love the story. please write lots more instantly! ;) >


I just love this story. I was riveted when Sonny was running from Shore. I WAS ACTUALLY BITING MY NAILS!


Please enter me on the Sonny update list. This is a fascinating story.


Dearest Bridgette Hayden, wicked author of Sonny Preyer (I leave no room for exaggeration). I've just finished reading the end of chapter one (honestly, I didn't even stop for a bathroom break!), and I'm extremely interested in the other ten chapters. My curiosity for what awaits in these chapters has driven me to the point of obsession, I joke you not. And I realize this makes me come off as a pushy, middle-aged, perverted stalker slash creeper slash suck-up (which I swear by my sole property of a meagre quarter I am not), but I'm very glad we have writers like you. You devote some of your time to doing what you love and at the same time quench the thirst of those who live on and breathe original online fiction.

Anywho, I apologize for monopolizing your time unjustly (as you have much better things to do other than reading nonsensical drivel, I'm sure!), and thank you kindly for your patience.

Hope to hear from you/read your other chapters soon (that is, if you deem me myself and I worthy),
Angela L.
Addendum: Mrs. Bay? Mr. Shore? Is that a coincidence..? ;P


Hi there.
Just started reading your Sonny Preyer story and I must say that I can't get enough so I was about to break down crying when I couldn't read more.
Please send me the link to the rest of the story so I can continue to read.
I love your imagination and your writing.
-Nann  from Denmark 

Hello! I have found your story invigorating after searching for some quality stories to past some time with. I would further like to read this series, the plot is really sucking me in!
Please send me the links to the other chapters and keep up the good work!


I'm a fast reader, and when I get caught up in a story like yours, I can go without sleep in order to read "just one chapter more"... which usually ends up with me finally reaching the end and crashing for a while.  *cough*

I would love to see a sequel with the rest of Raeder and Sonny's story, but it's understandable that you'd want to take a break after writing a five-year epic.

I just want to say, Raeder is such a wonderful, complex character (my favorite of the entire story)...
Once again, I thank you for writing such a great story!


Bridgette, Thank you so much for letting me read the final chapters. Wonderful to the very end. I was sort of surprised that Sonny returned to his family, but I guess I shouldn't have been, given his stubbornness at the beginning. Again, I marvel at your ability to create a story with so many strands and keep it all woven together.