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Sonny Preyer - A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind

©2002 Bridgette Hayden, Graphic Art © 2007 Party_Advisor


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Intimate Pain

"I should warn you," Varce added in a grave tone. "Sexual intimacy will not be easy for you. Not because of your anatomy, but because of what you are. You are an instrument of power, and you will face a great deal of strain upon opening the door to your full energies. The physical reality that you know was never meant to bear such a strain."

"Stop it!" Sonny wanted to cover his ears. This man he thought he knew, thought he could trust, had already betrayed him. "You're saying things I can't accept. I can't listen to you anymore. I won't."

"If you never listen to me again, listen now. Your life depends on it. Intimacy will hurt for you, like the sky pealing back to reveal more than one's awareness can take. Until you learn to assimilate your full power, the danger to yourself will be quite real."

"You're crazy."

"Your physical form already strains to endure the pressure of what flows through you, and may fail, as a dam may fail the water it serves to contain."

Sonny stood, shutting Varce out. But the wizard persisted.

"For you, sex is a kind of war. Because of what you are, your body has no choice but to translate touch into a sensory struggle. And you have no choice but to make peace with this, Sonny. As long as you run from it, you make an enemy of yourself, and you attract the enemy who pursues you. I cannot protect you any longer."

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